One of the most important elements of Boise Centre is its commitment to preserving Idaho’s resources. Through the support of sustainable efforts for the environment and goals for positive economic impact, the facility works to promote a healthy and happy life in Idaho. Taking these extensive measures lessens our impact on the environment. The use of geothermal heat, promotion of recycling, increasing energy efficiency, conserving water and reducing waste have been great initiatives to help keep Boise Centre environmentally responsible.

Sustainability Initiatives in 2016

  • Diverted 41,490 pounds of recyclable materials from landfills.
  • Donation of 434 cases of wine bottles for repurposing.
  • Donation of 2,008 pounds of food to the Boise Rescue Mission.

Waste Reduction

  • Partnership with Republic Services and Western Recycling to recycle all forms of paper, plastic and metal materials.
  • Designated compactor for all recyclable materials.
  • Use of China versus paper when possible.
  • Filtered water stations in public areas.
  • Use of water stations rather than individual pitchers of water in all meetings.
  • Reducing paper waste by replacing traditional guest signage inside the facility with new digital technology.

Boise Centre uses a geothermal heating system and participates in various initiatives including energy efficiency, waste reduction and water conservation allowing the facility to join the ever-increasing ranks of environmentally responsible convention facilities.

Water Efficiency

Use of water stations rather than individual pitchers of water in all meetings.

Food Donation

To reduce food waste and to support members of our community in need, Boise Centre donates food left over from events Boise Rescue Mission. The food is transported to the Boise Rescue Mission who then distributes the food to one of their three shelters in the Boise area.

Other Features

Boise Green Bike, a bike-sharing program and an alternative to carbon-emitting transportation, has a station located adjacent to the convention center. The station is located on the Grove Plaza just outside our main entrance.

Valley Regional Transit, a regional public transit authority provides bus service from the airport and throughout the Boise area to Main Street Station in downtown Boise.  Main Street Station is located underneath the Boise Centre East and the Clearwater Building.