Get Connected

Keep your presenters, vendors, and guests connected with connection speeds up to 250Mbps. Boise Centre offers a variety of technology services and in-house support to make your event run smoothly. We offer turn-key solutions as well as the flexibility to work with your technical staff on a customized network that fits your needs.

Wired Internet Access
  • Dedicated Internet bandwidth is available from 10Mbps up to 250Mbps (or available capacity).
  • Daily pricing.
  • Dynamic addresses (DHCP) for ‘plug and play’ simplicity.
WiFi Internet Access
  • Boise Centre offers a complimentary shared WiFi network, simply connect to ‘BoiseCentre’ in your list of networks.
  • Dedicated WiFi bandwidth available in 30Mbps increments up to 250Mbps (or available capacity).
  • Secure your dedicated WiFi with customized SSID and Password.
  • Daily pricing.
  • Dynamic addresses (DHCP) for ‘plug and play’ simplicity.
Digital Signage

Boise Centre offers an in-house network of digital signs to provide timely, relevant information to our guests and attendees. Daily event agendas are displayed throughout the facility and at each room entrance. We encourage you to consider digital signage as an extension of your marketing efforts to generate interest in keynote sessions, events, special topics and vendor rooms. Best of all, digital signage offers an environmentally friendly alternative to printing additional signs and banners. We are happy to provide several options to event planners interested in learning more about the digital options for branding and custom content.

Telephone Service

Boise Centre offers analog telephone in limited locations throughout the facility for voice, fax, credit card, long distance, speakerphone and conference call hosting.